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THE TRAILS ARE NOW OPEN AGAIN! dont be tight, you need to pay to play!

Newbridge Park Rules

Please follow our S.T.A.R.T. guide to riding on Newbridge Park, full information can be found on the board at the Jump Park entrance.

S = Safety - always wear a helmet and gloves.

T = Trails - Check this website, the boards at the park and the trails themselves before your ride.

A = Ability - Remember not ALL sections will be for you, if in doubt "leave it out"

R = Riders - Watch for other riders, especially younger ones, remember you were there age once!

T = Take - All your litter home, we are not paid to pick it up after you.

But most of all ENJOY the woods, let us know how you get on. 

Newbridge Park Members

Newbridge Park Groupies is...

our annual membership scheme for individuals and families so we can raise funds to keep the site open and develop the facilities -- Groupies get benefits such as exclusive access to courses and events, plus great discounts offered by local businesses (we're just updatig the list).

Membership is £10 a year for an individual or £20 a year for a family of four people, and runs from 1st April to 31st March. Also available are Weekly Memberships for only £2.

Newbridge Parl Ltd is a not for profit organisation and every penny paid goes into keeping the site open. 

NEW 2016 Membership is due NOW. Get an extra month FREE!

To join please use the PayPal buttons below or call in at Trailblazer Outdoors, 17 Market Place, Pickering.

Important note. By purchasing a Weekly or Annual membership you are agreeing to the club rules shown on this page.

Weekly Membership

Annual Membership