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THE TRAILS ARE NOW OPEN AGAIN! dont be tight, you need to pay to play!

Newbridge Park Location

Newbridge woods runs parralel to the road that goes up to Newton which in turn us parralel to the railway line.

The best access to this is via Pickering Castle footpath.


If you can find Pickering Castle you can find the bike park!

Once you have located the castle use the footpath that circles it, the best way is via the bottom part of the path which is accessed from the very steep Castle road, go through the gate and carry on along this path, when the path splits, take the left fork down into the woods, this goes over a little wall, its level with the path at the crossing point. Once in the wood take the left fork that goes down a short hill and follow this path to the entrance of the bike park within 50 metres.

The Cross Country and the Jump Park start at this entrance point.